I’ve spent my entire life building valuable relationships in the Piedmont community & it’s a big part of why buyers choose me to represent them.

But relationships aren’t the only reason–my work ethic, deep market knowledge, and eagerness to go the extra mile play a role as well. Below are answers to a few common questions that I hope will give you a good idea of what it’s like to have me represent you.

What does a seller’s agent do for me?

A seller’s agent can help you make more money selling your home through exposure, relationships, and expert advice.

You want your house listed in the MLS to get full exposure. You want someone that knows the other agents (and how they work). You also want someone to be able to negotiate for you at every stage.

Perhaps most importantly, you want someone to give you expert advice on everything from timing to staging to pricing and beyond.

OK, but why should I hire you vs. someone else?

Work ethic, market knowledge, relationships, and more.

My "crew" hauling a client's discards to the dump!

My “crew” hauling a client’s discards to the dump!

As a third-generation resident, I’ve seen every market cycle in Piedmont and the Oakland Hills, and I have great relationships with almost every other real estate agent in this market.

But as I said in the intro, one of the biggest things I bring to your table is an incredible work ethic. By way of example, just after the holidays, my client was told by Waste Management that they were too busy picking up Christmas trees to do a bulk pick-up. So I arranged for some kids to make a little extra “pizza money” and I literally helped drive my client’s discards to the dump in a caravan.

I don’t think there are many other agents who would do this for a client. When you hear me say I am eager to roll up my sleeves and do the “dirty work,” you know I mean it!

It’s this kind of commitment to you that really sets me apart. You can be confident I’ll represent you incredibly well–not to mention take care of all of the minutia that you might not think about or ever want to deal with.

Work ethic, market knowledge, relationships–all of these traits and more help me maximize the return on your investment.

How many contractors do you typically coordinate?

Too many, honestly!

We want the home to looks its best, so floors, new paint, fixtures, small remodeling projects, and a little garden cleanup typically happen with most homes.  I take care of all of the project management. When you list your home with me, you can be confident it will be staged to its absolute highest and best potential.

How many brokers attend your average broker tour?


Both through my own relationships, and through those of Compass, I would say my broker tours are among the best-attended in the entire Piedmont/Oakland/Berkeley.

How many prospective buyers attend your average open house?

20 serious buyers

We have very active buyers always searching through the open homes (as well as nosey neighbors!). Sometimes these people are trying to get data points to help them make smarter decisions when they ultimately buy a home, but on average you can expect to see 20 serious buyers tour an open house.

How many offers does your average listing receive?


I like to have 3, but I wouldn’t say 10-15 offers is uncommon for homes listed with me. Really, though, anything above three offers is gravy–more offers just help create a more competitive bidding situation.

What is the average earnest money down?

3% will show that a buyer is serious.

If you’re offered less than that, it’s probably not a very serious offer. Enough said.

How far over the asking price do you typically get?


It’s obviously impossible to know, but based on the current state of the market, this is a realistic expectation.  The caveat to this is that you decide to price your home appropriately.

Overpricing based on unrealistic expectations  limits the number of buyers who will make an offer, and ultimately gets you less money.

What is the average number of days from when I contact you to date of close?

6 weeks

Most homes have about a two-week marketing period, and take around 30 days to close with conventional financing.

That said, we’re seeing roughly 40% of all sales for cash in this market, and if your home is one of those, you’re looking at only about three weeks.

When is the best time of year to sell?


The Spring market is by far the busiest time, as most families have to make school decisions by then for the following school year.

People tend to change focus during the holidays and tax season, but our market remains active throughout the year. So I include the asterisk because there’s really not a bad time to sell right now.

How far in advance should I contact you prior to actually wanting to list my house?

30-60 days

I think it’s great to open the conversation a couple months before.  Most people don’t realize how many things they’ve accumulated over the years, so the purging might be a little more work than what you initially thought!

The prepping of a house for sale typically takes a month, with many of our resources already very busy with the selling season.

General thoughts on the Piedmont/Berkeley/Oakland Hills market as a seller in 2016?

Inventory remains light, and it’s definitely a good time to be a seller.

If you are considering selling, please give me a call at (510) 541-1754 or send me an email at matt@mattheafey.com to discuss your options!

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