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Out and About on Piedmont Avenue

Piedmont Avenue is a short walk from the tree-lined neighborhood/city of Piedmont. This street is a perfect place to do your errands, have a great meal, or pamper yourself. Because of its close proximity to many residential neighborhoods, this avenue is bustling with walkers especially early in the morning.

If you like to start your morning with a good workout, The Dailey Method is the place for you. Susan Willrich will torture you with a “bar method” routine. After an exhausting hour of exercise you might want to pamper yourself with a spa treatment from Polish, just down the street. This spa offers a wide range of treatments from massage to facials, and was voted best manicure in the East Bay.

Now that you are relaxed, a movie could be just the ticket. The Piedmont Movie Theatre has been a major icon on this street for over 50 years. It is a wonderful intimate place to watch an “off beat” film.

Now that it’s lunchtime, Fenton’s Creamery is calling your name. Fenton’s is the best-known institution on this street, and even has its own Wikipedia entry! Treat yourself to a tuna melt and one of their signature sundaes like the BLACK AND TAN.

Need to run to the market and don’t want to hassle with large crowds? The Piedmont Market is a family owned store that features organic produce, meats, poultry and dairy products. It has a wonderful pre-made meal section that eliminates cooking altogether.

Now it is time for some relaxation, The Piedmont Yoga Studio is just the place. Founder and yoga guru Rodney Yee has created the perfect atmosphere no matter what type of yoga you prefer.

Before walking home you might want to stop and have an early dinner at Dopo. This Italian restaurant specializes in dishes and wines from southern Italy. The thin crust pizza is not to be missed. Sipping a glass of red wine with the seating right on the sidewalk you feel as though you could be in Europe.

After another full day on Piedmont Avenue and a brisk walk home, you’re sure to sleep like a baby.

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