While property inspections provide no guarantee, they will educate you as to the condition of the property. Inspections are usually requested on the Purchase Contract, and if inspection results are unsatisfactory, you have the option to withdraw your contract.

In addition to the professional inspections below, you should take a look at the property yourself. For example, inspect cupboards, doors, windows, flooring, counter tops, bath and kitchen fixtures, built in appliances, stairways and banisters.

Termite Report – The Pest Report will indicate any type or wood destroying organisms that may be present. This includes termites, fungus, dry rot, etc. The seller usually provides this report.

Physical Inspection – Usually done by a General Home Inspector, a Physical Inspection is a thorough inspection of the house. The inspection results in an overall assessment of the present condition of the property.

JCP Report – A standard set of reports on the environmental hazards affecting the property.

California Tax Data Report – A Report stating the components of your property tax.

If conditions warrant, the Home Inspector may recommend additional inspections.