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Piedmont is a small, primarily residential community with fine architecture, tree-lined streets, and competitive city schools. Due to its school system, low crime rate, good weather, and high property values, it is regarded as one of the most desirable residential communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Property in Piedmont is markedly more expensive than real estate in neighboring communities.

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Montclair Village is a residential and retail neighborhood located in the Oakland hills just east of Highway 13, roughly between Ascot Drive and Thornhill Drive. The quaint, family-owned shops and restaurants create an unexpected small-town atmosphere in the heart of the East Bay.

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You might know Rockridge from the eponymous BART stop on the Pittsburg Bay Point line.  The neighborhood is an urban oasis centered along the retail corridor of College Avenue, chock full of gorgeous craftsman bungalows and a handful of mid-century and modern masterpieces.

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Temescal is an up-and-coming urban hotbed with east freeway access and a diverse community. Top-quality restaurants, as well as family-style places abound up and down Telegraph and Shattuck Avenues, the two major arteries of the neighborhood.

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Glenview is a wonderful neighborhood located at the foot of the Oakland Hills, bordered by the town of Piedmont, and the Crocker Highlands, Montclair, and Oakmore neighborhoods of Oakland. Glenview features predominantly single-family homes, mostly small in scale but FILLED with character.

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