I’ve spent my entire life building valuable relationships in the Piedmont community & it’s a big part of why buyers choose me to represent them.

But relationships aren’t the only reason–my work ethic, deep market knowledge, and eagerness to go the extra mile play a role as well. Below are answers to a few common questions that I hope will give you a good idea of what it’s like to have me represent you.

What’s your buyers’ success rate?

To borrow a phrase from golf announcer Gary Koch, “Better than most!”

Far more often than not, I’m successful in getting my clients’ offer accepted when the market is reasonable and the property has been priced correctly.

The few times that I have not been successful, we’re typically going up against another prospective buyer who has bid on several other homes in competition. They just want this one to be theirs. And in these situations, you just can’t compete and it’s better to wait for a less competitive property.

Why should I hire a buyer’s agent?

You want a local representative that knows the intricacies of the market into which you are buying.

You also want someone who is familiar with the other agents–especially the listing agent; even better if your Realtor has worked with the listing agent before, and they know how your agent works.

I constantly look at our market inventory, I get along with almost all of the other agents in our market, and most importantly–I don’t like spending any more of your money than I have to, to get you the home that you want!

Recently I wrote an offer on a home where my clients were not the highest bidders, but I knew the listing agent, and I knew the sellers were reasonable and they ended up giving my clients the deal. My buyers were shocked that they got the house so quickly and also for a great price.

I’ve spent my entire life building these kinds of valuable relationships in the Piedmont community & it’s a big part of why buyers choose me to represent them.

What “gotcha”-type things should I look out for when I am touring homes?

I would focus on homes that work for you today.

So many people want to change the envelope of the home from the minute they walk in, and I think this is an uphill battle. However, cosmetics are an easy change.

One of the things I’ve got a strong track record in is advising my clients on how best to make these cosmetic changes in a short period of time, so that they can get in and really enjoy their new home.

How many homes do you typically show people before they make an offer?

Unsatisfying, I know, but IT DEPENDS.

This number has decreased recently due to the fact that most buyers are starting their searches online. So they preview a lot of homes without leaving their computer.

However, when they find the house that is right for them and/or their family, people tend to know fairly quickly.

So it’s hard to give even an approximate number here–I’ve seen some clients take years and other are surprised when they find their dream home in a couple of weeks.

When is the best time of year to buy?

When you are ready!

Deals can be had toward the end of the year but it is really a function of finding the right house at the right time for the right price. When all those align it’s RIGHT.

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