What Were They Thinking: Homes Edition

Posted 5/26/08

Over the weekend, I was browsing the libraries of several users of the popular photo-sharing site Flickr. Globalization may be putting Starbucks and McDonald's on every corner, but it does not seem to be homogenizing residential architecture...quite the opposite in fact! Hope you enjoy this collection of bizarre houses!


Clashing House, NJ

I wonder if these neighbors get along...? Thank you, New Jersey! Photo Credit

Brige House, Unknown

No known location and no known basement... Photo Credit

Exhibitionist's House, Venice, CA

"Calling all exhibitionists!" Funny, I might have expected this kind of thing across the Bay in San Francisco, but this one's actually from Venice, CA. Photo Credit

Crazy House, Cincinnati, OH

Not exactly sure what to say about this one. Here’s guessing no one else on Erie Avenue in Cincinnati, OH knows what to say either. Photo Credit

Alien House, Chattanooga, TN

Fresh from Indiana Jones 4, the Crystal Skull people are apparently serious about settling down in Chattanooga, TN... Photo Credit

Cube Apartments, Rotterdam, Netherlands

These residences in Rotterdam, Holland house the country’s Rubik’s Cube Olympic Team. Photo Credit

Jetson House, Pensacola Beach, FL

Talk about low-maintenance--Never have to clean out your gutters again! Pensacola Beach, FL. Photo Credit

Ship House, Orinda, CA

Can you look at this house and NOT think Titanic? This one's just right over the hill from us in Orinda, CA. Photo Credit

Shoe House, Hallem, PA

I guess shoes are a big deal in Hallam, PA, a small burg originally translated as "Hell Town." Hmmmm.... Photo Credit

Slant House, Japan

If a tornado dropped a house in your parking lot, would you turn it into a business? Evidently an enterprising Japanese company would! Photo Credit

Mushroom House, La Jolla, CA

Yes, the tracks going up the cliff are for the elevator. Amazing. La Jolla, CA. Photo Credit

Skinny Rowhouse, Boston, MA

Would you be bragging about your new 4 story town home in Boston? Wonder what happens when the occupants try to pass each other in the hallways... Photo Credit

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